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Chronic neck and shoulder pain
"I injured my left shoulder and neck about 5-6 years ago at work. I have suffered since then with only minimal improvement despite going to other chiropractors, therapists, D.O.’s, etc. Coming to Heritage Chiropractic was a real blessing and has helped me get on with my life. Before my muscles were hard as a rock, but now they are much more pliable and relaxed. My range of motion has also improved. Though I still have weakness and the symptoms return occasionally, when they do come they heal much quicker now. I heartily recommend Heritage Chiropractic to anyone."
–Tom W., Cranesville, PA
Headaches and migraines after neck surgery
"About 17 years ago I had two neck surgeries and rotator cuff surgery.  I suffered from daily headaches and migraines.  I was never able to play with my children lying on the floor, or even holding them would give me pain.
Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Luke I am able to lie on the floor with my three grandsons and I wake in the morning with very minimal pain.  After 17 years of pain and headaches I finally feel normal, like a human being.  Thank you Dr. Luke and staff for all your care and concern.  God Bless You All!" 
-Lori H., Waterford, PA
Seventy-seven year old with sciatic pain
"Before coming to Heritage Chiropractic I had terrific low-back and sciatic pain. Every other doctor I went to did nothing to help me. When I talked to them I felt like I was talking to deaf ears. My husband recommended I come to your office. I am sure glad that we did because you have helped me very much. I now can do so much more. I am now doing housework that needed done; I am able to walk longer distances; and I can now go places like the celebrations in my hometown of Franklin, PA. Now that the constant pain is gone I am continuing to come in every other week for maintenance care. Heritage Chiropractic really has done a good job and I really appreciate your care. I had never heard of the Activator before, but it really has worked. Thank goodness for your care, I surely will tell others now that I can move around more. Thank you so much." 
–Verla, Lake City, PA 
Skeptical about chiropractic after years of pain
“I have been sick for almost two years. I had cervical cancer and had been through a lot. When I decided to go to Dr. Luke’s office, I wasn't sure it would help. I had been to several other doctors for pain in the lower stomach, back and legs. I was on several pain pills and couldn't walk very well or stand for any length of time. Now, after a few months I am much better! I am no longer taking all those pills and can get around much better. I am improving every day. It is wonderful. My family has noticed a big difference. I was even able to return to work last month! 
One of the best things about Heritage Chiropractic is their willingness to work with you. They are nice, caring and don’t like to leave people waiting on them and I never have to wait long for an adjustment. I recommend going there to begin with because they will work with the cause of the pain. My life is better with Heritage Chiropractic!”
–Jenny, Mill Village, PA
Hand numbness and tingling
“My right hand started falling asleep anytime I did anything in front of me. Simple activities like brushing my teeth, cutting a cake or writing became uncomfortable or painful. Once the pins and needles started, it was often impossible to continue using my hand because it was so numb. I told Dr. Luke of the problem and he started adjusting my shoulder, elbow and hand during my regular adjustments. I noticed immediate relief that started to last longer after each adjustment. Now after regular care the problem has gone away completely and I’m looking forward to no reoccurrence if I continue to get adjusted.”
–Ruth B., Albion, PA
Low-back, knees, and hands numb, but skeptical about chiropractic
"Before coming to Heritage Chiropractic my knees and lower back were always in pain. Both of my hands would go numb and I couldn't feel anything. I had never been to a chiropractor, but my wife talked me into giving it a try. After having X-rays I was put on a corrective adjustment plan. My back and knees are now pain free. I no longer have numbness in my left hand and I only feel it in the fingers of my right hand once in a while. I would never have believed that I would feel this good."
–Charles B., Corry, PA
Chronic pain after back surgery,
skeptical about Activator
“My daughter took her three girls to Dr. Luke for regular adjustments and I saw how much he helped them. My oldest granddaughter had been having sinus problems for years and after she started chiropractic care she was off all medications and no longer had a nasty runny nose.
I had back surgery 1½ years ago and have been to several chiropractors over the years so I was very skeptical about the Activator Method instead of hands on.  My daughter finally convinced me to try start a corrective adjustment plan 9 months ago and I have been going ever since. Dr. Luke has been the MIRACLE I needed. I can now walk upstairs without holding the railing to help pull myself up. I no longer need to use all the different creams I was using to help my back and leg pain. I don’t have to take Tylenol and Advil every morning just to start my day. I have also started bowling again after 10 years of not being able to. I can even bowl without the pain in my left leg, which I have had as long as I can remember from a night of bowling.
Thank you and God bless you Dr. Luke.”
–Dixie M., Mill Village
“My oldest daughter had been on allergy medications since age 2. I thought there were no other options available. Since coming to Dr. Luke though her allergies are gone, she has no runny nose or watery eyes. What a miracle! No medication needed. With regular visits she is as healthy as she has ever been.
Now my whole family gets adjusted once a week. All three of my girls look forward to their visits and even my husband says he is healthier than he has been in years.”
-Shelly S., Mayville, NY
Severe Neck Pain
“I would like to thank Dr. Luke and the wonderful staff at Heritage Chiropractic. He has helped me and my whole family establish a healthier body and way of life. Before coming to him I had severe neck pain. Through corrective and wellness treatment plans he has gotten me out of some real ‘pain in the necks'! I thank him for all his great advice and his help with not only me but also my husband and two children. We would recommend anyone the expertise at Heritage Chiropractic.” 
–Lora B., Waterford, PA
Sciatica, neck pain and numbness in hands
“I was experiencing sciatic discomfort and neck pain causing me numbness in the fingers. If I slept wrong I’d wake up with a stiff, achy neck and headaches. I was scheduled for back surgery, but opted not to have the procedure because the outcome could limit my range of motion. My daughter recommended I come see Dr. Luke.
I have only been under care a few weeks, and my neck and sciatic discomfort have already by improved 50%. I am able to do more reaching up activities without a jolt down my right leg and I am hoping that with continued treatment I’ll keep improving. (I would say to someone who was like I was,) try Heritage Chiropractic, because surgery should be the last option and if get the results I have it is well worth it.” 
–Coleen S., Summit, PA
Low back pain and shin splints
“I began going to Dr. Luke after my father had told me about his own success at Heritage Chiropractic. I came to Dr. Luke because I had been suffering from lower back pain on and off for many years. Dr. Luke discovered some damage to my lower spine and put me on a one-year corrective plan. Due to the damage and years of neglect on my part it took several months for the pain to subside. I can’t remember the exact moment, but one day I realized my back pain didn't hurt anymore! What a great discovery this was for me. It will flare up occasionally but it no longer gives me constant pain. I also have suffered from shin splints in the past. I never considered that they could be relieved by chiropractic care. One visit I mentioned my shin splints to Dr. Luke and he adjusted my lower legs. After just two adjustments I have been able to do Zumba exercises without shin splints.
Dr. Luke and his caring staff at Heritage Chiropractic have made a huge difference in my health. I have more energy and am able to sleep better without back pain.
I am thankful that I began my treatment and am very happy that I never gave up and continued throughout the entire year.
Thank you Dr. Luke and Heritage Chiropractic.”
–Cindy D., Saegertown, PA
Ear Infections
“My 2 year old granddaughter was getting a lot of ear infections and seemed to be falling a lot. We met Dr. Luke at Heritage days and found out that chiropractic could help her. She has been getting adjusted regularly since then.She is much healthier since beginning care. She doesn't have ear infections anymore and can walk and run without falling down.”
–Kelly W., Waterford, PA
Healthier Children
“Since my daughter and son began getting adjusted regularly at Heritage Chiropractic they have been healthier than ever before. They have gotten fewer colds and have missed less school. My son was falling a lot when walking. Since, he has gotten regular adjustments he has not fallen nearly as much. Also, my son, daughter and wife are in better moods since they have been coming here. Thank You! I would recommend chiropractic to anyone.”
–David C., Waterford, PA
Stiff Neck in the Morning
“Before I started at Heritage Chiropractic I would have trouble sleeping as well as waking up in the morning since my bed would feel so uncomfortable and I would wake up very stiff. After starting here for lower back pain, I soon noticed that my bed seemed far more comfortable and I was waking up with next to no stiffness! Additionally the Activator adjustments are far gentler than other adjustments I’ve had. I am much more comfortable with it.”
–Josh P., Summit, PA
Getting Back to Dancing
“Before I started at Heritage Chiropractic, my back hurt all the time. I had trouble raising my left arm because of shoulder pain. I could not stand for long periods of time and sweeping the floor was horrible. I did not do much of anything.
Since I started at Heritage Chiropractic, my back and shoulder don’t hurt like they did before. I feel better, I can do more, I get out more, I have more energy, I feel like doing more and can even do some dancing!"
–Dodie F., Waterford, PA